Saturday, August 12, 2006


As its name suggests, Bookbrella is an umbrella, or parasol, for books. It was conceived from an existing need, which is, to avoid the annoying reflection of sunlight off the pages while reading outdoors.

Bookbrella is inexpensive, reusable, recyclable and easy to use. It is coated with an impermeable material, and therefore also avoids liquids from splashing over the books’ pages. The light center crease keeps the pages in place when the wind blows. Bookbrella fits in the book perfectly and when closed, it automatically acts as bookmark. The space it requires is minimal, as it remains within the book when you stop reading. In case of removing it from the book, you can easily store it anywhere.

Bookbrella is unique but totally customizable. The promotional and/or advertising opportunities it offers are immense, being highly conspicuous and also including a greater advertising space than that of a conventional bookmark.